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Just another smartass

The ups and downs of Dusty Dean

20 August
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This mysterious stranger traveled to our planet to fight for truth, justice and sarcasm...


Here's the skinny:

My name is Dustin Dean and currently I'm a commercial director, editor and voice over talent. I also co-own comic book store. In the past I've tended bar, anchor/reported news and I've even been a radio dj. I'm a failed comic book writer and penciler (so far.) I wish I was a gentleman spy or some sort of man-of-action.

I collect comics and I also enjoy photography, reading, writing and movies. I'm never bored and I constantly have something to do; in fact, if I'm not doing two things at once, I get a little antsy.

I listen to industrial, alternative, and classical music. No country. No western.

I run on a steady supply of coffee and I am a smart-ass.
007, 1920s fashion, adult swim, advertising, after effects, agatha cristie, alex ross, alias, alice in wonderland, anime, apes, aqua teen hunger force, aquabats, aquaman, art deco, avengers, avid, bare naked ladies, batman, batman and robin, big lewbowski, billy chaka, broadcast, burlesque, cambridge, captain america, catwoman, chinatown, city of heroes, city of villains, classical music, coffee, comic books, comics, covenant, cowboy bebop, crosswords, daredevil, darwin cooke, doc martin's, doctor strange, dogs, dr. who, edward gorey, england, fantastic four, fantasy football, film noir, final fantasy, fooly cooly, futurama, gaming, garter belts, ghost in the shell, gi joe, gin and tonic, goth, gunslinger, gunsmith cats, harry potter, hawkeye, hawkman, hellblazer, hellboy, hg ryder, highlander, hockey, hp lovecraft, hunter s thompson, indiana jones, james bond, jazz, john coletrane, kansas city, kansas city chiefs, kevin smith, latex, lawrence, legion of superheroes, les baxter, literature, london, lords of acid, lost, madman, magic tricks, marvel comics, masks, matrix, miniature painting, mk12, mod, modest mouse, monk, moulin rouge, mythbusters, neil gaiman, neverwhere, noir, npr, photography, photoshop, powers, psyche, pugs, pulp fiction, pulp lit, quasar, raymond chandler, regina spektor, robots, samurai, samurai champloo, sandman, seattle, shag, sherlock holmes, short hair, smashing pumpkins, space ghost, spies, star trek, starman, stereolab, sting, stng, super friends, super heroes, sushi, techno, television, the postal service, tiki, tim burton, tintin, topeka, united kingdom, venture brothers, victorian, videography, wallace and gromit, warhammer, warhammer 40k, watson, weezer, wes anderson, wine, zombies